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Sunday, September 27, 2009

not very pleasant to discover how judgmental you are..
especially when finding out you've been judging someone you've known for two years
saying always that i hate people who objectify you and "put you in a box" like toto always says..putting you in a box means..when someone judges you based on your appearance and some of your beliefs..and thus.. treating you accordingly and never in a diffrent way because simply they are not willing to accept the idea that you might understand..not only understand but relate to what they could experience
tell me when you feel I've started to hallucinate lol
for example..
Malak,has been my friend for more than 2 years
the only impression i managed to take about her was that she was a religious girl..with boundaries that she could never ever cross..which limits her thinking into a very small box..that very few people that either share her beliefs or have very very open minds can understand and accept..
that's what putting someone in a box means..
i can't believe i misjudged her like that
not that being religious is something bad,but i think when it is the only circle you are going around,that's bad

this is a part of my new plan decision
no more judging!

PS k2enny la3ait kteer!!