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Monday, September 21, 2009

I've been watching death note for two nights in a row..i just can't stop!
the main character "light-kun" is really an evil person,which makes me wonder..why in the world did they-unconventionally-make the protagonist that evil?!!
and why do i sympathize with him that much?!!
is it because the fact that i believe deep down that only people like him can survive in this world?
i am starting to really think so...
and if that is really true then i will not be one of survives..
i am really a lot like Misa-san...the dumb cute blond who is unreasonably insanely so strongly in love with light-kun..
and i know...she will be crushed..

i didn't really get why she wears that cross nickles
the show is..kinda ignoring all religions..but that is typical of a fantasy Anime..

i love the character of L
even though he is a lot like an ape or a monkey..lol
but i like that he never lets anything pass by without deducing something out of it
i like that he does not take things for granted and does not eliminate a far possibility just because it is far..something that i do and hate about myself
that's why I'm just like Misa...I'm completely useless in such situations.

i still don't really understand if rem was a boy or a girl lol
and why he/she loves misa that much

aw.. i wish i didn't know that L is going to die...
hate u 3bd! :'(

going for episode 17 :DD


w7l said...

yup, i like to comment on old topics!

i like death note, i remember watching it years ago! and the funny thing that its the only Japanese anime i ever watched! i wonder why?!

Rain said...

HAHA omg I like commenting on old topics as well but I'm always afraid they'd think I'm a stalker LOL
I loved that show until L died,and then I stopped watching it
that's becaue you've no idea how Japanese animes are amazing,or maybe cause you're a doctor and u wouldn't like the hat 2eedak w el7a2ny type of things lol

Ahmad Hamdan said...

I know it's old but when i saw the word death note i just become happy, you are also a japanese anime fan :D, they are the best series i have or will watch :D

Rain said...

hehe I like it when I get a comment on old posts :D

r u kidding?I love anime! and it was really an amazing show...until L died :(