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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Akari and Takaki were in love since they were children,they were each other's home..
LIFE breaks them apart..when Akari moves away with her family..and yet they never forget about each other and stay in contact..
for so long they do not see each other,but then takaki makes a long trip to see akari,it takes a whole day and the train stops many times because of the blizzard..
he arrives very late..but he finds her still waitng :)
and then takaki moves away too...but this time they lose track of each other
he loses the address and she never knows where he moved
and that's it!they never see each other again..
it's sad..but it's just LIFE
at the end of the movie they come a cross each other in the street..they'd grown up and changed..but they feel there's something about this human who's crossing next to them..
takaki turns and looks..
but the train comes in the way..the train of LIFE
and when it was gone...she was gone too..
what i don't want is..
to be one of those two
1-Sumida...is the girl who meets takaki after he moves away and loses track of akari,she falls in love with him so madly..but at that time he still did not lose hope of findin his akari
so Sumida stays the lover with no hope..so sad!:(
2-the girl Takaki meets later on when he grows older...they didn't even mention her name..well because ..she is really noone to him,but he just didn't wanna be alone and he decided to be with her for a while until he finds Akari..even sadder :((

and that's why this is my forever-favorite movie..it is about the real love..which never dies even if life breaks us apart

even if life breaks us apart...

thank you youtube for this amazing video i found in my recommended..