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Saturday, October 10, 2009

al modarraj al roomani :)

i tried to climb all the way to the top,but it's just too hard and too scary..the last time i climbed all the way i was like 12 or 13 lol..i was close today though hehe

there i am sitting up there..i had a little trouble going back down looooooool

this is...
i have no idea what this is but it was nice lol,it was like a small castle with 2 big gates...there was so much fresh air and sunshine coming in..it was so amazing and refreshing inside..that in the picture is the sieling..it's like a dome made os wood..very beautiful

this is mas3ooooood...he is our friend
oops sorry i forgot to rotate lol

this is a skeleton of a small child we saw at the museum :((
he was burried in a jar and burried underneeth the house of his family..as a symbol of his memory always remaining there...sad:'(

al qala'a

just a tree..but very green one :p


Amman...the view from the car window..on our way from rainbow street to jabal al qala'a
just amazing!

rainbow street

to be continued..:p