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Monday, October 12, 2009
i am so sick of people in Jordan..
i honestly feel disgusted..i wanna write this right now so that i don't forget this feeling..
i'm sick of myself going everyday defending jordan and its people with all my heart against the people who say it's a horrible pkace to live..telling the poor forginers that the jordanian people are the nicest ever and u will never get lost or offended here..
so sick because..everyday i go and wait for the bus to come i pray to god those cars crossing by won't stop and kidnap me...
just because i live in a far isolated area i have to put up with the pwople who think it's their duty to punish me for standing there..i don't know why
i don't know why
i don't know why
they through things at me..water and dirty napkins..
they throw the most disgustiong comments u can ever hear..
they stop their cars expecting me to go for a ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how could they?and why
why would they???
i don't wear a jilbab..but i do wear a 7ijab and my clothes are all long and not revealing

i'm so sick that
everyday i pray to god i'll get to smell some fresh air on my way to the uni
but i can't..coz every god damn control..bus driver and cab driver in this country smokes..

i feel so sad for the old people who think there are good people left..who will give them their seats or hold their hands on the stairs

i'm so sick that i can't but trust the man with the white beard driving the cab or walking next to me in the street
but then i find out he's just another horny sick perver..

i'm so angry
i'll finish this later i have a class :/