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Monday, November 30, 2009

yes i am really getting better at this tech tech thing!..well you know "technology"

i discovered(all by myself) how to put this cute song as a gadget in the column to the right
i don't even know what gadget means!
this is like a huge deal for me coz i'm such a slow learner when it comes to computers :S

buuuuut..i have to admit i didn't put this cute theme i have (and i'm so obsessed about)
aaaand no..not even the little nice chat box :*oh:
that's still a little too advanced for me :*l:
but i'm getting there..
and as a celebration of my remarkable improvement here's this song in a little cute 4shared player ;)

Sunday, November 29, 2009
Friday, November 27, 2009
i have enjoyed every minute of this outstanding anime!!
it is the beautiful thought of just finidng your talent and following it no matter what and no matter where you come from.
it is about finding your right path and who you are..
it doesn't matter if you're too small or if you think everything has gone way beyond repair and there's nothing you can do
you have to believe in yourself and be the change you want in the world..
it sounds like some silly teenage song i know..but i've started to believe in this more and more every day...the only way to be someone worthy is to do something that counts..
good night :)
Friday, November 20, 2009
i watched happy feet the other day not expecting it to be that amazing!!
it is about a very special little penguin who just finds his place in something far unusual for his kind..
whenever u forget to get to know people and their inner talents and beauty u should watch this movie..
and whenever u judge someone just because they're different from u or just because they're unusual,remember that its the difference among us that helps find the right choice and that everything amazing starts with a spark of insanity ;p ;p ;p
Sunday, November 8, 2009
is someone i'm proud of!!
he is really a true artist..i just love the words of all his songs..so meaningful and deeeeeeeeeeeeep
and sometimes sadly funny!
the music...is something else..

Friday, November 6, 2009

You're a song
Written by the hands of god..
Don't get me wrong cause..
This might sound to you a bit odd..
But you own the place..
Where all my thoughts go hiding..
And right under your clothes..
Is where I find them..
Underneath Your Clothes..
There's an endless story..
There's the man I chose..
There's my territory..
And all the things I deserve..
For being such a good girl honey..

Because of you..
I forgot the smart ways to lie..
Because of you..
I'm running out of reasons to cry..
When the friends are gone..
When the party's over..
We will still belong to each other..

Underneath Your Clothes
There's an endless story
There's the man I chose
There's my territory
And all the things I deserve
For being such a good girl honey

I love you more than all that's on the planet
Movin' talkin' walkin' breathing
You know it's true
Oh baby it's so funny
You almost don't believe it
As every voice is hanging from the silence
Lamps are hanging from the celing
Like a lady to her good manners
I'm tied up to this feeling

Underneath Your Clothes
There's an endless story
There's the man I chose
There's my territory
And all the things I deserve
For being such a good girl honey

today,i confessed something to someone..unintentionallyalso found out that i didn't know it (the thing i confessed) until after i've said it..i don't know weather to be so happy or just really really scared :/the thing is..i'm not scared at all..and that's what's making me so sure i'm doing the right thingbut then again..i'm almost never scared of anything..does that mean i'm always right?of course notbut this thing particulary..gives me a feeling of safety..as if i was home:)NO i am not scared :)and i KNOW i'm rightmaybe i get carried away sometimes..but i can work on that

it's funny that i'm being really annoying and silly by talking about something noone will understand(that is..if anyone reads anything in this miserable blog)and i'm 100 % sure that i'll be back in a couple of days and read this and have absolutly no idea what i was talking abouthonestly..someone like me shouldn't be allowed to have a blog! :S
Thursday, November 5, 2009
long time no see :)

i've been busy being happy :)))

i love this photo:

and here's a cute song