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Friday, November 6, 2009

today,i confessed something to someone..unintentionallyalso found out that i didn't know it (the thing i confessed) until after i've said it..i don't know weather to be so happy or just really really scared :/the thing is..i'm not scared at all..and that's what's making me so sure i'm doing the right thingbut then again..i'm almost never scared of anything..does that mean i'm always right?of course notbut this thing particulary..gives me a feeling of safety..as if i was home:)NO i am not scared :)and i KNOW i'm rightmaybe i get carried away sometimes..but i can work on that

it's funny that i'm being really annoying and silly by talking about something noone will understand(that is..if anyone reads anything in this miserable blog)and i'm 100 % sure that i'll be back in a couple of days and read this and have absolutly no idea what i was talking abouthonestly..someone like me shouldn't be allowed to have a blog! :S


EvaLuna said...

sara , ya rab tkoony metzakre 3an sho konty bt7ki 3ashan ra7 tdall be nefsi lal abad!!!

Rain said...

No Clue ! loooool