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Friday, February 19, 2010

every semester,the university arranges a program for new forgin stuedents to have arab stuedents as tutors or language partners,not only so that they can practice arabic more,but also to meet and mix with arabs and not remain in closed small groups.
last semester was fine
but this semester is a different story..
my language partner is jewish..i'm completly okey with that,only if she wasn't so loyal to Israel,and made rude jokes about "haram" things in islam
i don't know how i'm going to deal with her meeting her twice aweek :/
i guess i'll just tutor her and get it over with..
if she makes another comment like that i swear she will be lectured till death

i'm afraid that's all i can do..LOL


Who Am I said...

allow me 2 disagree with u here..
if i were u i would try 2 whiten and defend islam
try 2 discuss wth her in logical ways.. giving her facts abt islam..

it is a good idea if u ask her abt her religion 2 have a way 2 attract her attention 2 u..

ps. no am nt mazzi,, lets keep it as it is .. i'll tell u later :ch:

chasing pavements said...

allow me to totaly agree with you :)
bs hl2 el mshkleh mo haik
when these students come here,they know they are coming to a completly new and different culture,also the program that organizes their scholarships organizes some meetings for them to tell them that somethings should not be said or done in this society as a sign of respect...
like wearing modest clothes ..etc
this girl knows she is making fun of my religion but it didn't stop her
i'm not asking her to be muslim..just some respect
elyoom 2a3dna and i told her some things about islam
and she told me alot about joudisim
i don't know how to explain it to you but i just don't like her!she has a way of making fun of things and you just can't do anything about it..mo 3arfeh afahmak/ek
and she keeps telling me about how much she drinks back home and whatever


seriously who are you?
and why r u keeping ur ID from me?
i don't know many people in mahjoob so el moshtabaheen 2lal :ch:

chasing pavements said...

omg kol had comment?

Who Am I said...

if u feel a bit of lack of respect then u have 2 be sharp with here,,i thnk lessa el semister b awwalo w u have time 2 be a friends,, and u can give her empression of what u like or hate..

u may start explaining islam 2 her whenever u feel that she respect u and consider ur words,, anyhow it will be good experiment 2 try :)..

ps. nope i wnt tell u,, at least nt now
lghayaten fee nfs y3qoob :sofera:
tell me if i bother u as im and ill stop posting here :give:

chasing pavements said...

i do talk to her about islam..
and yeah we still have time
enshalla inno yet7assan el wade3 :)

you are not bothering me,just making me angry LOL!

you know something about me..my biggest fear and the thing i hate most is to feel lost or decieved or to feel i've been made a fool
not that u're doing that to me but it's just one of my crazy fears

3ala kollan you said u would tell me later
how come u changed ur mind?