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I long for freedom, and when I get it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will surely be happy.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

you know the glass roof of the city mall?
nice ha?lets in the sunshine,and shows little drops pf rain..pretty cute
last time i was there there was a baloon that a kid had lost
it floated and remained stuck there like that to the roof..
for some reson i felt like taking a picture of it..
it actually reminded me of me..
i'm stuck there,i can't move even though i've tried
i'm addicted to the warm sunshine immersing me through that glass..but i know i can never reach to it and have it..
and my heart just wouldn't let me give it up and fall down like i'm supposed to

god i'm depressed..


Who Am I said...

time is what u need 2 let urself move on
it is up 2 u to let it go .. i mean 2 break the glass and forget whatever bothering u..
nice pic btw..

i hope the depression is over now :give:

chasing pavements said...

oh my god are you Switcho??:O

chasing pavements said...

yes yessssssss you are Switchoooooooooooo!!! :D

how are you???wallahy zman 3annak!^_^
thank you for the sweet comments
w ana b2ool meen had el fahman :)

as for the post..
it's not a state i'm going through it is a realization of my situation
suddenly i can see clearly but there's nothing i can do about it
i'm happy..for now... coz i'm enjoying the sweet sunshine:)
soon i'll be forurced to fall down
but that's okey

thanks for the sweet wish!

Za3boor said...

hey ..

bugbug .. looks like u have the same situation of mine ..

take a deep breath ..

enjoy the sun just like u said ..

one day ..
either a rock from the sky will fall and the window will be open ..


the helium in you will sink out ..

and the gravity will gently hug you back ..

either way ..

i hope/wish u'll feel better and be safe ..


chasing pavements said...

"and the gravity will gently hug you back"

oh my god i love that sentence!:')
you've put what i wanted to say in very nice articulate words

thnx for the sweet wish Eco Seco :D
i hope the same for you!

PS yala ne3mel 7aflet 3ya6?:D

Za3boor said...


P.S. ana ma ba3ay6 .. ana basha5err bas ..