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I long for freedom, and when I get it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will surely be happy.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

dear blog,
it has been a horrible day,turned out breaking down in public is not as fun as it seems in movies
it turned out that some people really care and worry about me
it turned out that i'm so lucky and glad that i have my sisters

i suddenly realized today..behind the language center gasping for air in a very frightning first-time-for-me panic attack..
i realized that it was all fake...

among all of that i'm just glad now that it wasn't too late



Mohammad said...

sho bana abo 3e9am .. sho bana.. :el smiley el abyad elli bhez b 9a7bo w biddo y9a77eh:

im not sure what is that fake u r talking abt
but it is clear u've passed a terrible situation
i wish u passed over it now :/

god bless u

chasing pavements said...

sba7o Switcho
hehehee..3ala fekra ma kan lazim aktob had el post w 2na b hdeek el 7aleh kont 7aqdeh 3al denia:*oh:
maybe i should edit it!la jd inno kter dmar haik LOL

the fake thing is..my whole situation,i've been fighting for a hopeless case i'm afraid

bs hl2 el 7mdellah i'm good :D

allah yese3dak yaaaaaaaaaaa rb ^_^

Haitham Jafar said...

Hello Sara (maybe one of the 1st times I call u sara on her!)
I tried to log into yr very 1st entry here but all of yr 2009 posts r unreachable

I rehearsed this comment half a dozen of times in my head but still not (easy) to state it (lazim drama o haik!)

but it is just simple,
I`m going to stop blogging, very soon, a crazy idea came into my troubled mind to send one last comment to a few special bloggers (somehow it has a more profundity than "friends" or a similar word!)

I thought this entry would suit just fine to post my comment,

I (drafted) a long intro to almost each of the ppl I chose to write to, but quickly abandoned the idea cause it was silly and also not warranted (again, double drama! :D)

but I wanna say thanks, a twofold thanks for you, your posts, your courage and elegance in letting us into parts of your life, u r a real thing, u r!

my other thanks is for taking up with my crazy comments, u r one of the rare bloggers (I have blogged ever since 2005, yes I have to keep bragging about that u know!) but seriously, one of the few who insisted (in a way) to know what I meant by a certain word or sentence and challenged, argued, endeavored to have a meaning/lesson/understanding/get away msg out of whatever subject it was on. So many thanks for that -too- because it made my insight capital ,, simply more!

I have a bad (I`m not proud of it) habit of asking Q.s and shooting comments about things that I know (or think I do!) answers to OR want to delve deeper into, and with your posts I didn`t feel (after a short while) I need to, hence , in my silly old E-book, u r a real thing.

I hope u get a good (good as in the bestest ever) life coz u deserve it, and may u have the strength, all sorts of strength, to go through its downhills as well as the joy of celebrating its uphills.

* I should have written this in Arabic but for a reason it feels more (fit) for your blog to post in English (let`s keep this one without a debate) :D

الله يوفقك و يكون معك
* thanks for introducing me, and all of us, to chasing pavements (and not referring to the song alone!) :)

*PS no sad cheesy music in the background whilst comitting this comment* lol