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Saturday, March 6, 2010
checking my blog just now i've realized how gloomy and depressing it had become!
oh my god!this is not me at all believe me!
if you're visiting this page for the first time in your life i promise it is just a phase!:(

i've been trying to keep myself busy,but i guess it was a wrong idea to read for books at once!LOL
first,Little Women,which i have to admit that i'm reading it because of my Novel 101 class..
i've read it once in the past but i guess i was too young to really absorve it
i like that Jo did not sattle for Laurie even though he was rich and everyone thought they're perfect for each other...she was looking for more and she got it.
it's a nice story and very deep...i'll come back with some quotes..

next is Howl's Moving Castle,which i didn't plan to read but recieved couple of days ago and started reading cause i just love fantacies like these
it's very intresting and has great imagination and ideas
i love Sophie she is soooo me!and even though i've watched the movie before it seems like the novel is completly something else!it's much deeper and more detailed.i wish i hadn't watched the movie...oh well!..

the third book is spanish poetry by a poet whose name i'd forgotten :d
but it's nice and light and full of good new vocab's

last but not least is omg omg omg
ثلاثية غرناطة لروضى عاشور
this book is too deep and too powerfull and i'm thinking i'd just leave it to read with all my heart,the woman who wrote it is really great and she's actually Tameem Bargouthy's mother!what a family ha?:)

so anyway i'm all over the place,but at least i'm enjoying it!
and i leave you with this amazing photo:

did you know a Phoenix is reborn out of its own ash????


Mohammad said...

interesting thread raino
u managed well 2 show ur bright side =D

i want 2 ask u abt the novel "Howl's Moving Castle".. dd u mean that the novel was better than the movie,, i guess so as i watched the 1s 20 minutes of it and got bored :/

there r an anime series 4 little women little women and it is translated to arabic
check here.. lol thakkarteni b ayyam ma knt kbeer :oh*:

im interested in the third book.. really what a family
tell me if u have ebook version of the novel
if not i'll take urs :D

thnks 4 sharing

chasing pavements said...

ya ahlan ya ahlan agaaaaaaaaaaain:rgs:

thnx sdeeqi
yes i meant that the novel is much better,and by the way a great deal of the book is ommited in the movie
the movie is kinda pointeless(although i found it fun to watch) so no wonder you got bored lol

i used to watch a series based on little women 3la amman is that wt u mean?
kef y3ny ayam ma kont kbeer?y3ny hl2 tqallaset?hehe


and many versions on 4shared :)
but u can also have mine..anytime :d

thnx for passing by with ur sweet words like always sdeeq!

Mohammad said...

thanksss 3al book.. i'll read as im a big fan of marwan..

yup i mean nisa2 9gherat tb3 3amman
ayyam ma kan el cartoon yeji b4 sunrise
w 3al sa3al 4
still 7afeth el twqeet

yea knt kbeer w fahman
halla2 7alet el enfi9am btzeed m3 mroor el zaman :D

chasing pavements said...

kano 3amleen ismo saiiedat s'3eerat w kano yjeboh el sob7..2na kont msa2y w kont a3od bel bait a7dar kol el cartoons w b3dain aroo7 3al madraseh hehe
god it was fun!

3adi..kolna haik benzeed fasman kol ma kberna bs mo mshkleh it's fun to be mfsoom...it's just another way to adapt :d

Anonymous said...

Es bildet sich das Ozon durch elektrische,