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Monday, March 22, 2010
toto and i have this tredition,every once in a while,we ditch all of our classes and go to downtown(al balad) by the bus.
we buy as much movies and books as we can,we go to Jafra,Balat Al Rasheed or Hashem,and we walk and walk until we're exhausted,and we go home :D
today we went,we had hot chocolate at Jafra,we always sit on the balcony outside coz people inseide are smoking argela,and it's a little bit disgusting,so we sat there,and it was so funny coz everytime someone came out to the balcony like the waiter or another costumer,it starts to shake and make scary noise like it's about to crash
i asked the waiter if it could fall and he said:it only fell twice before i don't think it'll fall today!
oh my god looooooooool
toto said it was a joke but i didn't think so,so we left quick

like always i finished mine while she hadn't touched hers hehe

we got so many things that i know for sure are useless lol

and i got 3almon lais lana by my Ghassan Kanfany(i just love him)

and:Avatar(i must be the only one who still hasn't watched it),princess and the frog,Alice in Wonderland,and last but not least "keda reda" hehehe

anyway we had so much fun,i'm so glad she's back,coz the whole time she was away i only went once and it just wasn't this fun

luv u toto :*