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Thursday, March 11, 2010

why m i at home while it's a thursday and i still have clsses until 2 and we usually spend it hanging out

well,this morning i decided to have breakfast at the uni cafeteria ,i love their tea it's very sweet and hot just the way i like it..

so filled the tray with everything they had-i was mfjoo3a- and sat on the tble

and the moment i grbbed my tea rasha italiana who was right next to me moved her elbow right toward my tead and baaaaaaam

it was spelled all over me

u know in Tom&Jerry when tom gets burned or something and he doesn't scream or nything but just keeps running aroud like crzy people?

i was just like:omg omg omg i can't believe it is that hot?how the hell do i drink it everyday?

and i was just running around not knowing what to do

and then my pants were all wet and i started crying,and my friends thought i was crying because it hurts but i was really crying coz i was wondering how would i go home in wet pants LOOOL

fortunatly i had black jeans and it wasn't clear

i went to the clinic as my friends insisted

and the doc was like:set!

and i was all wet and upset..

and i said:i don't wanna!

so he started laughing at me and telling me that it was okey and gave me a cream...

and toto said it was my punishment for trying to cheat one her and have breakfast without her lol

but this is good

i wanna watch Fantastic Mr. Fox! :D