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Friday, March 12, 2010

this is just the weirdest friday ever

my mom and my big brother are out in an old woman's funeral,i think she's my mother's step grandmother..


some time ago,i heard wailing sort of sound from outside,i looked out the living room window and there was like 6-8 sheeps sticking their heads of our naighbours' guarden fence trying to get out somehow

and another group of sheeps(10-14) standing outside the fence wailing back and screaming and wandering around with worried sad sounds

it was so funny yet so sad!

the sheeps ran around inside the little guarden led by the biggest one of them,unaware that the guarden has an open entrance to the guarage which was widely open to the street and to their salvation!

instead they just dwelled here and there sticking their heads out of every hole they found

at last a sharp sheep realized what to do and ran to the guarage followed by the little anxious herd...

they all got out and appeared from the corner and the ones outside ran along to meet them in the middle

that was a relief! the wailing sounds stopped and they all ran togather leaving me laughing at the window and wondering where the heck their shepheard was...

i know i know you're thinking i'm going crazy..right

but hillariously there's a moral of the story!

seriously,sometimes you may think you are trapped while the exit is right infront of you,but you're just so worried you wouldn't get out and meet the others outside that you forget to look for the door..you lose hope,and miss all your chances.

don't lose hope,stay positive,think clearly...find the exit!


6abaZa said...

جد قصة وعبرة جميلة

Rain said...

hehe thnx! :d