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Saturday, April 10, 2010
yesterday we were invited to my brother's in laws' ranch in a town called "Ra'as Moneef" in Ajloun it was absolutly beautiful!we had so much fun,climbed mountains,picked flowers like girly girls hehe,we sat by the fire,it was a little bit cold but really charming area and so much fun! i took like a billion pictures,and my brother's fiance kept laughing at me for that,and she kept teasing me cause i was so afraid of bugs except for ladybugs of course!!<3>

this is my sister in law's niece,she didn't want me to take a pic of her,but i did hehe
she's so cute,and omg she is so smart it freaks me out sometimes!
this is my sister in law's naphiew,he looks like the kids from commercial doesn't he?mashallah!
every where we stepped foot in was covered with flowers of all kinds,it was really astonishing!

even the clouds were artistic that day!^_^


i'm looking farward to going again it was really a great day,and an awesome experience!^_^