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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

who is not great at all,well..maybe in his own mind he was

this man represents a character that forms 90% of the men i knew in my life,he is a self-pitying-illusional-gloomy-drama queen guy,who thought he loved Daisy,but he didn't,he loved the idea of the precious princess,the luxurious king's daughter whom everyone wanted to be with,and he attached himself to her even after she was married only because she was something he couldn't get,and that hurt his manhood deeply.

it's funny that he actually thought the party rich girl would wait for him that long!

i just wanna grab him and say:"grow up!get over yourself!!be realistic!"

acting all self righteous and ideal he goes on imagining he was the love of her life(and that she loved him too) and that he will protect her from her husband..LOL

and what about that Daisy?she's just another pretty girl,the kind that gets what she wants without any effort,and popularity on the top of that...

and Nick who's acting like a god,so perfect and moral,while he was the one who encouraged the affair between Daisy and Jay,and never said anything to the police about Daisy being the real murderer of Myrtle...

nevertheless i loved the novel.

even though i hated each and every character in it, it was genius how the writer reflected a group of personalities that are repeated so often in life and that can be seen every day,but can't really be described as good as he did,also the corruption of that society,whose aspects we can see all around us.

i'm glad i was forced to read that book in my novel class.