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I long for freedom, and when I get it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will surely be happy.

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Friday, April 30, 2010
i've been sick all day,and didn't get out of bed until noon just when i started losing the feeling in my back.
i started thinking that maybe staying in bed was making me more sick and lazy..and more frustrated by the way..
everything sucks right now,but i woke up to the fact that i was letting myself frustrate before the real mess actually comes...y3ny 5alli ma2to la w2to LOL :P
i took a walk outside,it was sunset,and there was a line of clouds stretching in the sky like a neverending pink path...i felt like i needed a giant camera..one that could take a picture of the whole wide sky...the milky path of clouds...the orange-red lines behind the houses,the flowers in bloom,the gloomy willow tree and the birds performing their final dance before sunset..a camera that could record emotions,and keep the smells of the magical evening in a digital memory...
everything was litterally glittering..
and i had no such camera..that was sad,but it reminded me of something beautiful..there's something in the Japanese culture that's called
a Haiku is a small poem that is written with certain order in japanese,but it can be written in any other language.
a Haiku is a description of a scene,it's just like taking a picture of it,"Each Haiku must contain a kigo, a season word, which indicates in which season the Haiku is set. For example, cherry blossoms indicate spring, snow indicate winter, and mosquitoes indicate summer, but the season word isn't always that obvious".
i love that idea,and i think i would like to write one.
anyway,the signs were telling me to just shake it off and forget about it,it's spring like so3ad 7osny says :)

i also ran into this amazing song:

it's always sweet to discover a song ...enjoy ^_^