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Monday, April 19, 2010

my application is now complete :D

and i'm so proud of myself i handled everything alone,i don't need anyone

especially "men" who think girls shouldn't go to such places by themselves

oh..eat my shorts..


Mohammad said...

sho hal 7eqed el dafeen 3al men :D

allah ywafqek ya rab
ween beddik tro7y :/

Rain said...

because...they do the most horrible things and get away with it because they're men!and on the top of that they get to tell me what to i can and what i can't???!NO SIR!
and the funny part is that they think my life wouldn't be complete without a stupid man making a mexican soup out of it...naaah
i had enough of that bull$hit..pardon me for my french :P
anyhow,i'm applying for a scholarship to study in Granada-Spain
ed3eeli plz!

Mohammad said...

6yb lesh hek btktbi b9ot 3aly :D
take it easy,, those men who say u cant r just 5ayfeen 3leki

yupp life wouldnt be complete, u can do wtevr u want but sometimes u need a man with u,, u'll figure that out in the future..

spain,, look interesting,, alla yjeblk elli feh el 5er

Rain said...

LOL Switcho:)
ma 3m aktob b sot 3ali enta 3m teqra2 m3 sound effects:P
i'm sorry to tell you that but they're not worried about me homme bs 5aifeen 3a thokoret-hom el '3aleieh min el tahdeed:)
life isn't so pink(i wish it was)
and for the other part,i know that,i was just mad LOL,but really,what man could be worth it(the trouble of marriage i mean)?mesh 3arfeh!

thank you^_^