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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

dear god,
i trust your call,and i trust that all of this is a part of your plan for me.
and...and...no BUTs...
i tried everything i could,only YOU know what distance i went today...
i feel broken hearted,really i do..i wanted it so bad,and now i don't even get the chance to try out.
forgive me for complaining but i find it so strange the way it happened..

dear god,
i never really cared where i'm from,not once in my life did i wish i was this or that,but today it really felt bad to be a palestinian-jordanian...
to go throguh yellow and green cards...visas and authorisations and passports,and finally coming back with nothing while my friends got through with it in less than an hour...

dear god,
please help me through this!


sfo said...

ما شاء الله عليكي
شو بتحبي الحشرات

Mohammad said...

a quote says
"Success comes to those who are neither afraid to fail nor discouraged by failures"

u still too young 2 be disappointed from the first 'ma6ab' :D
allah y9abrek w y3wdek b for9a a7sn :)

Mohammad said...

btw, kman bug pic then i'll start callin lady bug again :sc:

Rain said...

Sfooooo,welcome to my blooooooooooog!:D
well,if u read the pevious post you would notice that the ladybug was alive and going through difficulties,you see,it's kind of a symbol for hope
that's why it's dead in this post:)
and yes i love lady bugs very very much:l:
ed33eli plzzz!

Mohammad el dob elly bedall ye5tafy zay el debabah:
noone's too young for disappointments believe me!
thank you for the lovely quote,i wasn't discouraged i was "maksoor b 5a6ry"
but now,i went today to the professor responsible of the scholarship program and he told me that i can take more time than others..he was very understanding allah yese3do ya rb,bedy ashoof wain arady my palestinian ID and my yellow card and authorization card,and then try out again
i said before i'm not going down easily...no sir!:)