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Friday, April 23, 2010
the "almost sunset" from the roof of our house
a cloud,and then the moon..really tiny,look carefully:)

this amazing painting was at "ma3rad al jaleiat" in JU
this girl is wearing all of the jordanian traditional costumes,it's beautiful!

this painting looks like someone's gradma,Toto said..how lovely!^_^

while i was waiting for a friend:

if you open the picture in its link and zoom in you will notice that there's a donkey behind the white truck,it was so strange..a donkey walking in the middle of the airport highway all by himself,he looked so sad and sick,he had empty spots in his skin,and the most misrable look in his eyes!:(
i still feel so sad for him,i've always loved donkeys,i remember when i was a little girl i used to cry secretly at night if i had seen a donkey being tortured(especially at the park)
poor things!

this is my 3 mounths old niece Meme!

a stareway to heaven:

my love for photography has gone way beyond admiring photos and commenting on them,so i'm saving for a camera,wish me luck:D


6abaZa said...

some nice pictures those are
i really love photography too..as soon as i graduate w afda i will start practicing it officially..i think..inshallah

Rain said...

thanks alot!
in sha'a allah,allah ywaf2ak
u should post some photos and to show us^_^