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Monday, April 12, 2010

it's not about if i will get it
and it's definitly not about if my parents would let me go
it's about...do i really want it?
it's very soon,and they're saying today when exactly it's gonna be..
i think i want it..i'm bored,and studying abroad might give me the change i need in mentality..
remains the question:will i get it?hehe
i guess we'll find out,but for now i'm excited
so e63ajo el saf7ah hon!


6abaZa said...

seeing the picture..i would go..seems like a nice place
bas ween bezzabt??

Rain said...

this is Granada-Spain ^_^
i'm applying for a scholarship to study there for one semester en sha'a Allah
it's a simple comment..bs enta zakartny b ishy badeehy nseeto..inno seeing this beauty..why not go?!