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Wednesday, May 26, 2010
my niece has the ears of a cat!
nope i'm not kidding LOL!and worse...i just found out i have the same pointy ears too hahahaha

my sister found that out when she was investigating where her daughter got it from,so like aunt like niece i guess!!

here if you don't get the picture:


Um Omar said...

بس تكبر رح تضربك ع هيك بوست

كيفك بقبوقه:give:

Rain said...

um omaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!!nawar el blog nawaaaaaaar!!<3<3<3

looooooooooool 3n jd ra7 to2tolny,263t b nseeby w nseebha ha3 ha3 ha3

ana 7mdellah enty kefek?w keef beesan allah ye7meeha?<3

Um Omar said...

كلنا تمامز,, البلوج منور بصحابه يا بطه