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Thursday, May 6, 2010

my friends and i did a puppet show last year,it was so good and funny and everyone loved it,and we had so much fun
and although this week has been tense for all of us we enjoyed doing it all over again,it was a blast!and it was hillarious,the story was about the scholarship(based on real events hehe)
but the funnier thing was what's going on under the table,with us hiding there and moving the puppets,omg,i do not know how i dd'nt explode because i wanted to laugh so hard
first toto was supposed to say something and like repeat it during the play 4-5 times,and everytime she would forget rasha would poke her and she would go off:EL SIGUIENTE!!!
LOOOOOOOOOL it was like pressing a button!!
and then there was malakeh next to me,and i forgot to hold the mike for her coz she was like holding the puppet and the script at the same time,and she kept poking me,and i was like?:AISH?? and thene i remembered hu3 hu3 hu3
and then she had to move he puppet to the other end of the table,but she was so far that she had to lye down all over us to reach out,and none of us thought of holding the puppet for her until the last moment!!LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

this was my puppet...

and then there was a contest...i won thank you very much :P
and our senior students friends sang this song
it was amazing!!i can't believe they'll be gone by the end of this semister!!:(
especially Rasha ancha...but that's another topic i wanna discuss later..
anyway it was a nice day,i'm so glad this week is over!!
the results are on sunday by the way!
LOL i just said that but i simply can't believe it..
wish me luck!