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Monday, May 24, 2010

i met this Turkish girl the other day on facebook by chance,and she asked me to help her with her Spanish every once in a while..so today we were chatting,getting to know each other..

so she asked me where I'm from and i said:Jordan,do u know Jordan?
she said:yeah sure!Israel!
and i was like..umm...no..
and what about Palestine?she had no clue

how shocking!and how sad!i don't know how to describe how i felt...betrayed maybe(i don't know by whom!)and very offended even though it's not her fault
but how on earth did she get the impression that Jordan is Israel???god!I'm so mad

and it's not about the girl herself she was very apologetic and embarrassed when i told her what Jordan is..

it's about how other people are getting the image,it's about feeling afraid for my country,and god i wish i could stand up somewhere where everyone can hear me and tell them the truth!

this isn't like any other stereotype or prejudice...this is dangerous and has to be stopped..

and we should all try our best to change it..

PS i hope this girl is just a special case and other people in Turkey do not think like that!