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Saturday, May 8, 2010

i get bored so quickly that everytime i start something i get dead bored of it right in the middle,and i just leave it!

and that is how i end up having watched half movies,half soups,done half papers,and even baked half cakes!LOL

books are perhaps the only things i can finish till the end,i wasn't always like this i dunno what got into me:/


ΣcoŞan said...

mish r7 atfalsaf ktheer 3aleke .. :tb:

it's a matter of interest, if u pick something u really have passion for then (my guessing) u'll have the breath to finish it.

hope u'll get lost of this habit soon, it is really annoying. i know that for sure, since i myself have it .. :*oh:

Rain said...

no matter how intresting it is for me,and no matter how passionate i am about it,i do not seem to be able to continue through the whole thing lol
it is annoying!especially when i forget how much of a movie i've watched and have to rewatch it looool
or when i forget to continue the movie,and then later when i remember the it, it gets on my nerves that there's empty holes in the story loooooooooool "emla2 al fara'3!!"