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Sunday, May 30, 2010

i know you have a boyfriend..
the whole world(thanks to your non stopping implications) knows that you have a boyfriend
and guess what?we don't care!
what are you trying to do?what are you trying to prove?
is having a boyfriend the achievements every girl should be longing to do?
do you think having a boyfriend adds something to your image making you more accepted or i dunno..more popular?
y3ny should we look up to you for having been liked buy a guy?ya slam...
and what a guy...a real piece of work!
grow up for god's sake!


EvaLuna said...

Is she the one I think she is?
IF yes , then screw her!

Rain said...

she isn't unfortunatly,it's a friend u don't know
bs you know the one u're talking about does that sometimes!