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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

so i guess as i was tagged here i'm supposed to write about 6 secrets that noone knows about me..
it's not like i'm james bond or anything but i'm the type of person that never ever tells not under any pressure..
so the next things will probably be things most people don't know about me lol
sorry for cheating! :P

ok here we go:
1-i used to be "mal6asheh" as a kid,my classmates used to pull my hair and bully me all the time,ehe2 ehe2 :'(

2-i lost my apetite 2 years ago,don't know how and why,i rarely ever enjoy food.
3-i'm the only female in my family who does not and never will have this thing with dreams,my mom and sisters have these weird scary dreams that always come true
i dream about cartoons..
4-i'm scared of bugs,scared of hights,scared of the darkness,scared of needles..aaand that's about it LOL
5-i was accidentally named "Sara" because my dad forgot the name my mom told him to go put for me,which was Nour...i'm glad i'm not Nour!
6-now this is really weird but,i somehow managed to think,feel,and act like a child until i was 19,i was forced to stop playing with dolls when i was 14,and i still watch cartoons..practically i started thinking and acting like a grown up 3 years ago..go figure!

and that's about it!i have issues HAHAHA..

thanks for the tag Um Omar,i just wanna say it's a pleasure knowing you,you're very funny and streight farward,w allah y5alelek Omar w Beesan :))))

i'm handing it farward to you Evaluna...yala roooooooo7


sfo said...

باقيني يشدوا بشعرك
له له
يا حزيطة
ووين النخوة والنشاما
ما في حد يفزع

Rain said...

ma fi :'(
i don't know why i never told anyone that i got my hair pulled everyday
i just cried and cried
kont 6efleh k2ebeh lol