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Monday, June 7, 2010

toto posted these photos from her trip to spain on facebook
i was wondering while going through them over and over again
how will my eyes witness all of this beauty in every single detail??!!
my heart will explode with amazement!


LUNAR. said...

Nice Pics

Don't Forget To Take A Camera And A Notebook With You , Enjoy This Experiment To The Max

Rain said...

they're great!!

r u kidding la twassy 7rees!!!hehehe

yeslamo lunaaaaaaar!:)))

sfo said...

لا تغلبي حالك
وتمعصي عيونك

خلي المحروس يوخذ غاد
وجيبلنا معك بكسة بندورة

Rain said...

LOL sfo
with ALL DUE RESPECT to all men..bs msh mestanieh sha2fet zalameh la ya5odny hnak w y3eesh el tajrobeh 3anny kman

w m7roos ma fi by the way :)

3a rasi a7la 10 kilo bandora la 3ammi Sfo ;)

EvaLuna said...

You picked the best of the best , i loved them here more than in facebook -that dumpster of beauty- ... I am happy we will be there together , i told you : because of you I got a new pair of eyes ... lo voy a ver todo de nuevo !!!

Tengo el corazon contento !!

Rain said...

lleno de alegriaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!:DDD