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Friday, June 18, 2010

it was so white and pure - she thought- as it helplessly laid there on the floor waiting for her.

three hours..only for three hours she was going wear it,it was big and beautiful,she had always dreamed of it,she knew it was the one the moment she caught sight of it standing behind the glass starring at people passing by.
it was made for her,it was perfect!

she quickly slipped in it ,it suited her perfectly,her mother shed tears,her sisters told her she looked like a princess.

as she stepped through the door and into the big hall her heart pounded so hard,there was everyone she ever knew,smiling at her,waving and whispering.

she held the white roses near her heart,she whispered to herself:"this is perfect!"

it was a fairytale scene,a passage from an ancient fantastic novel she once read in her childhood.

everything was glittering,the music was soft and angelic,and in the air tiny golden drops of light splashed from the cielings,nothing but perfect!

she sat surrounded by roses and smiles,and as she reached for his hand next to her she stared at him.

he was looking faintly handsome in his black suit,occasionaly smiling ..he was just...a HE.

and she looked back at the room full of people and thought:"NOT everything can be perfect!".

*short story min daftar 5arabeeshy,hope you like it,i'm not correcting my spelling w huh! :/


6abaZa said...

i didnt exactly get it

the He is a metaphor for not-perfect??

who isnt?

Rain said...

wak Samer enta 3a rasy!! i'm so glad you asked,kont 7asseh enha msh wad7a

no,i didn't mean he's not "perfect" in that meaning,i meant that he didn't really mean anything for her,he's just a "he" another person of those she seas every day
she didn't love him,she was blinded by the excitement and the beauty of the party and the dress,she got married to enjoy the glamor not thinking of the life-time she was going to spend with HIM,not thinking that all of this is only going to turn into photos buried in some drawer
which applies for many girls these days
doesn't it frustrate you to the bones when you know for sure they're getting married to live the princess's role for one night?
how sad!
hope ino weslat
i know the stupid story wasn't clear enough that's why i'm glad u asked!
thnx samsoom! ;D

Rain said...

ok i would just like to elaborate and say that it was a very stupid point to make lol

6abaZa said...

loool...ok now im officially d5alt bel 7ee6...bas i really liked the story and the way u told it..reminds me of school w 5arabeet el est3ara el mkneyye wel tasree7yeh

Rain said...

3n jd ma fhemet?ok this is officialy a terrible story
it's just about people who get married for money and appearences and that's all i can say!
5ls consider it a point-less stroy lol
thnx 3al da3m w raf3 el m3nweiiat :)

6abaZa said...

nafara it isnt pointless nor terrible..its just that i had argeeleh today w lessa daye5...but the story is good..no kiddin

Rain said...

thnx "nafar" lol
appriciate it <3

my posts are NOT recommended to read under the influence of argeleh by the way ino fo2 el la5meh la5meh hahaha