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I long for freedom, and when I get it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will surely be happy.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

not like HER of course LOL...but i just wanna fly,i wanna jump up and down,shake my booty,put my hands up in the air,sway like there's no tomorrow,and-surprisingly-not out of happiness.
i just wanna dance because i can,and because i feel like it,i don't wanna think about anything,i wanna be shallow,with no worries,naive,careless,selfish and short-sighted...
i've been trying to cry it out,but it's just not working,i think my eyes stopped producing tears due to the lack of use lol,so i decided i will have fun instead,shake it off and dance it away!
i wanna feel life running through my veins,i wanna enjoy the company of myself for a change,make peace all over again with my inner demons and angels,and whatever other people inside my head lol
i'm just a little tired and i need a vacation,a quick format to get me back on track.
those couple of days will be absolutely and completely dedicated for NOTHING...


LUNAR. said...

ولا اشي
حسيتك بتتنطنطي وانتي بتكتبي البوست
الله يديم هداة البال يا رب

احلى شعور هاذ على فكرة
انه يكون البني ادم ما اله اي اتصال بأي اشي

Rain said...

it is wallah!
i'd started thinking:what the hell was i talking about??but you agree...so good,lol

LUNAR. said...

انا مسافر ان شاء الله كمان يومين برة البلد اسبوع زمن
وناوي اعمل زيّك , افقد الاتصال بكل اشي , ولو بطلع بايدي ما بوخذ اللابتوب معي


Rain said...

wallah i'm happy for you!!
enjoy it to the MAX!!! =D

Wafa' said...

3ad ana 7asetek enek katabti el post w enti msh 3la ba3dek :D

But yeah that's an amazing feeling, being disconnected to the world that's full of worries and freely dancing in a colorful big bubble that only i can see <3

P.S : that song is addictive !

Rain said...

i don't know foof,i wrote that at 4:00 am.i'd listened to that song all night,i think i was hallucinating or something lol

i AM really disconnected right now LOL
it feels weird,do NOT try it at home!!

PS:tell me about it!