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Friday, June 11, 2010
HOW could you marry someone you don't know?really..I'm just asking with real authentic pure curiosity how people just throw themselves into marriages with people they've just met.
This is not about what if he turns out to be a jerk,and what if she turns out to be a slut..
this is about:"how the hell do you know these two characters will match???"
I mean,what if she's the kind of girl that's her daddy's baby and mommy's favorite,can't fry an egg,and all of a sudden she marries a guy who thinks women were made to cook,clean and breed?(true story)
I'm not against our traditions,and I'm definitely not with the "dating" method,but honestly...what the hell?
no wonder we're sad angry people,no wonder we are a shattered society,and no wonder there's just no love anymore.
One thing I do know...I owe my children a PERFECT father whom I will love and cherish with all my heart,who would be a great dad to them,who would love me dearly and honestly,I owe them an example of a true happy family,and a role model to follow..and I'm not willing to pick anyone who would knock my door with money and flowers and suggest we live together forever.
if not,then to hell with this,I'd rather be a 3anes.


LUNAR. said...

Sad But True.
Sure You Owe Them That , And You Owe Yourself (Before Them) A Stable Calm Marriage Life.

Dont Know What To Say Further On This , I Just Wish You The Very Best Of LUCK :)

BTW , Which Image In Mahjoob You Thought It's Mine :S , Because I Only Saw A Bunch Of Old Men / Kids Only :S

http://abebedorespgondufo.blogs.sapo.pt/ said...

Very Good.

Rain said...

Lunar,thank you for your like-always-nice comments
and thank you for the sweet wish :pls:

and loooooooool,wak wallah fe sooret shbab labseen zay el jaish,elly 3al yemeen 3al 6rf fakarto inta!!hehe :P

Rain said...

ummm,the other guy LOL
no se que decirte,hablas espanol?
i don't know what to say to you..is that a sarcastic "very good"?hehe
que pasa con la cerveza en esta pagina tuya??
what's with all the beer in that link of yours??

Wafa' said...

I am with you , except the part where you're not against our traditions , i'm against most of them :D .
It's just that people who are in great appreciation of the traditional marriage concept believe that there's no other way to meet and marry someone but for constant dating which they obviously don't approve of, and also believe that any other way but the traditional to meet someone falls under that category

ma 3nd.hom 7al wasat :D nice post dafdoo3a <3

Rain said...

ahlan wafaaaaaa!!:))
i know what you mean bs gal y3ny i'm trying to be realistic and live with the most of them,people always tell me no man is an island and that i have to learn to accept and live with otheres and others are just like that,i can't change them!
i know it doesn't justify it,bs sho bedna ne3mel 5le2na bil ordon e7na lol

bs when it comes to this in particualr i'm just thick!

thnx for the nice comment foof<3

Ze2red said...

as much as it's sad and true most of the time.

but exceptions exist, are we going to be ones of the exceptions, wala the sad ones :(??

7aga tewga3 el 2alb

Rain said...

I've a feeling I'll be a sad one0_O
you never know!