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Saturday, June 19, 2010

just watched that movie,and absolutely loved it!
it's about a girl who starts dating a guy and working in one of these oprah-like-reality shows(sounds boring but it's not!)
and she really thinks this guy's the one,until she finds out he's been hiding so many things from her about his ex three girlfriends.
she starts digging it up and know more about it,to discover he's still in touch with one of them.
at last her friend the executive producer goes behind her back and makes this big show about her story with the guy and his three girlfriends!
and only then she admits to herself that he was never right for her,and that nither of them was honest to the other.
my favorite scene was when she left the show and went to her apartment to run into an old friend from college
she said to him:i've spent a life-time planning for a life-time,so what if you were what i have nbeen always planning for?what if you were the one?
and before he could say anything,his wife suddenly pops out of the car with her big pregnant belly and talks to him(it was so funny)
so staicy(that's the hero's name) tells him that every plan she's ever made for her life failed and she didn't know what to do,and he told her TO STOP MAKING PLANS,just let things happen and you might be surprised!
and then she asks him:-do you believe in happy endings?
he smiles at his wife in the car and says "yes"
and she laughs and says:isn't it funny that after all i've been through i still really believe in it with all my heart?and you know what?i WILL have a happy ending,even if it didn't include HIM,even if i didn't get the guy..or the two guys!

moral of the story:
-don't jump into it and think he's the one,his "wife" or just your "reason" might just pop out from somewhere!
-happy endings don't have to include the guy..or the 2,3,4.. guys ,happiness comes in different shapes and forms.
-when you are afraid of being honest to yourself or with him/her then it's because you're afraid to just admit that he/she is not the one
-some things are just better off as secrets,but if you catch the tip of the thread..oh you follow it!


Um Omar said...

اتركي قناتي بحالها
كل ما أحضر فلم,, بلاقيكي قابعه امام شاشه التلفاز

عجبتني النهاااااااااااااااايه,,
ماكانت تيبكال,, كانت رائعه

نيالها,, عرفت شو بدها بالأخر

Rain said...

um omra san7ek sho 7abbabeh loooooooooooooooool
سدقي و الله التلفزيون ولا بقرب عليه،بكون قاعدة بقرأ او عل لابتوب بلاقي الفلم قدامي يعني هو اللي بيجيلي مو انا هيهيهي

انو بالضبط هي اللي بحكي عنو!انو مش ضروري يضل معها حت تكون مبسوطة

انتي ما بتعرفي شو بدك؟

Um Omar said...

سوعال صعب

اه,, بعرف شو بدي
وبعرف شو بدي بالزبط

بس العجيب,, انه لازمني كوكب اخر,, ت انفذ مخططاتي

Rain said...

LOL um omar!!!7bait
i feel exactly the same way :d

Um Omar said...

لإنك ببساطه

Rain said...

b7ibek ya huda <3