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Friday, June 11, 2010

i can't believe you're getting married!
it feels like yesterday we were best girlfriends at eighth grade fooling around,laughing our hearts out all the time..
you've always been the mature one,naturally because you didn't exactly have the easiest life,i've always admired you for growing up into the person you are in such cercumstances.
you will make a a perfect wife,great mother and one beautiful bride,that's for sure!

i'm just so misrable i won't be there for you when you celebrate the beginning of your new life
you know that if i had the choice i would totaly ditch my stupid brother's wedding and come to yours
love you so much!!!


LUNAR. said...

الله يهنيها يا رب , دعواتك الها احلى اشي

وعقبال ما تيجي هي يوم فرحتك ان شاء الله على خير وهداة بال يا رب

Rain said...

teslam lunar,wallahi very sweet of you!^_^