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Monday, June 7, 2010

why do we have this thing..this need to follow men??
why do we have this itch to be attached to them?
i have a question..do men have that "thing" too?
it's really annoying i mean sometimes,it's just a hopless case,there's absolutly nothing you can do,or sometimes he isn't aware of the whole crush!
and yet we follow that dumb instict and hang our hearts with a teeny tiny thread of hope,waiting for...nothing actullay,just the adventure of unleashing our emotions for once...
i feel stupid :/
dear god,i totaly understand you have reasons for making me a woman but sometimes i just wish i wasn't ..

i'm totaly gonna regret posting this LOL
but i'm not deleting it,i really wanna see what happens next :).


Um Omar said...


عم تسألي عن شي إجابته مستحيله
بس حاولي لا تخلي قلبك اللي يحكمك,, إنت إسامي الله عليكي كبيره و واعيه ومثقفه
خلي عقلك اللي يدور ع شي يتعلق فيه,,

اسفه,, بس هاد تعليقي

LUNAR. said...


I Dont Know What To Say Actually , But Dont Worry , Its Mutual :P

Rain said...

sho malkom 3al "mmmmm" loooool

um omar yeslamo...lesh 3m te3tezry?bil 3ax ana haik lazim a3mel bel zabt bs mo 3arfeh leh mo zabtah m3y!:(

mutual as in men have that too??

Um Omar said...

شو قصه الإممممممم :mal5oom:L

بكرهك لونار :k:

انا بحكي,, كل القصص اللي بتصير معك وما بتكمل,, هيه مش قصتك
بعدها ما إنكتبت,, بعدها ماخلصت,, وإحتمال حتى بعدها مابلشت
لا تستعجلي حالي,, وتعرضي حالك ل جروح إنتي في غنى عنها
عيشي حياتك بالطول وبالعرض,, لإنه اخرته يجي عريسك ع حصان ابيض ف نص الليل


بمزاح ف اخر حلقه

لا بجد,, لا تستعجلي,, بعدك بإول عمرك :hug:

Rain said...

wallahy mo mesta3jeleh...that's why i feel stuoid :/

LUNAR. said...

وانا مش طايقك كمان ام عمر

أكيد رين , كل بني ادم عنده هالشغلة
بس اللي بميّزنا عن بعض انه فلان ببين عليه او عليها
وفلان ما ببين عليه من مررررة

Rain said...

ana 3ad ma bebaiien 3lai,bs it's like there's a tornado inside!


EvaLuna said...

Take it from the crush expert: Crushes are just like diarrhea , they just have to take their course and you cant negotiate with them: They have to bee now!!

Does a woman embarrass herself: yes
does it matter? actually no , because how many ''true men'' are out there , infront of whom you may feel embarrassed? they are just kids , so play a little and - I believe in this- someday somebody is gonna walk into your life and show you why it did not work out with anybody else :)

Rain said...

te cuento la historia luego :)