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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

regardless of the incredible heat we go through all day long every single day,and the whole-hour-class we have to bare with,and the sun burns..sun burns-lines(which are worse especially the ones caused by Hijab)
regardless of the enormous size of information you have to take in such a short period because it's a short semester and regardless of having to have a class in the morning,seven hours break and then another class in the evening because there is NOTHING else to do!
all of this i can live with,but the thing i really hate.. is this memory loss,this constant feeling of chaos and confusion
this everyday identical routine and this magical way of losing track of everything and not finding any time to do something useful
i just can't explain it,it's like :
i open my eyes in the morning,go to uni,do everything automatically and then suddenly I'm checking my mail and it's 12:00 am and i have no idea what were the highlights of the day!!!!!
i HATE this ... I'm so disgusted and confused!
i miss winter i miss rain i miss mud i miss gol3a6 el sheta!:(

good thing this winter is gonna start soon cause I'm leaving to Granada :)


LUNAR. said...

جد أعطل اشي دوام الصيفي بالجامعة
بس الحلو فيه انه بعد كل هالقلق , بتلاقي حالك قاطعة 9 ساعات

وبالتوفيق يا رب

Rain said...

yeah oltak!
ya rb ye5las 3a 5air!!!
yeslamo lunaaaaaaaaaaaaar! =D

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

ذكرتينا بأيام الصيفي! فعلا ً عذاب ، لا الواحد بيبذل جهد -طلاب أو دكاترة- و لا بيستفيد و ضياع للوقت -معظمه- بس بتقطعي ساعات في فترة قصيرة :]

Rain said...

wallah shekly ra7 a6abbel ya hisham lol!