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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i remember when i was a kid i used to ADORE her,every time she would come on TV i would stand there singing along every word,i knew her songs by heart!

and i remember i used to look at her and think:"this is the most beautiful person i have ever seen!"
this is what beauty looks like",and i was so sure!

so..what happened now?i look at people and things and i wonder,i can't decide what is and what isn't beautiful..simply because i'm lost between what i once thought and what i'm forced to think!

why should i consider some things beautiful and some things not?who's deciding for me?

do we have to be skinny tall and perfect to be beautiful?to be acceptable?
what if i decide i wanted to be just ugly?what if i was really ugly?should i be banned from living?

i اhave decided to bring back the pure ancient honest sense of beauty i once had as a little girl,and screw all of the people,magazines,commercial and movies that tell me i'm wrong

i think i'll be deciding for myself from now on

dear Majida,

i once thought you were the most gorgeous woman on earth

now you're just another ugly "one of them"


sfo said...

الناس مزاجات وأذواق مختلفة
والجمال بظل في عين الرائي

Rain said...

that's why i'm not forcing my opinion on anyone,i just wanna decide for myself what i find beautiful from now on :)

6abaZa said...

اعتقد انو الموضوع الو علاقة بالغزو الفكري والثقافي الي صارلنا سنين عايشينو

يعني زي ما تحكي لما الواحد يشوف الشغلة .. وحتى لو ما عجبتو.. ضلك كرريها وعيديها وزيديها وعوديه عليها بتبطل تدايقو..زيدي عليه كمان شوية بتصير تعجبو وبتصير كمان هي الستاندرد تبعو

Rain said...

everything is '3azo fekry these days
but we have to keep our minds from turning into a sheep in the herd

hi samsoom =)