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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

yesterday,i was at my damn tourisim class feeling like i was hit by a bus

i've been suffering horrible sleepiness all the time i guess because i stopped taking my medicine all of a sudden

and i'm not talking about "i'm tired"-sleepy

i'm talking about "i can't keep my head up and my eyes open"-sleepy

so i'm at the class sitting in the middle of a row,closing my eyes while leaning farward.. and this jerk(my pervert professor) reaches his hand to touch ME!!!

and in a spontanious instant reaction i moved away to the back of my chair and away from his disgusting hand..and he was actually shocked that i did that(how could i resist all this magic!!)

and like a shmug he reaches and trys to touch my face again,and again i move away in disgust with a look of complete irritation and shock on my face,and he says:"what's the matter,i just wanna see if you have a tempreture!!!!"

an oh my god-moment

and i was like:do not touch me!!i'm just a little tired that's all!

and the whole class begins to giggle,god he looked like $hit LOL

after class they were all like:"we loved what you did"and whatever

but i mean..i know he's an asshole and everything,but why didn't you stand up for yourself too??why did you let him abuse your personal space ... to simply violate your privacy and freedom of not being considered a piece of meet??

why was it such a shock that i didn't let him disrespect me ?

why was i the first one and the only one to say no?because of the "A"?

if that's the price you're putting for the right of touching your body by a complete pervert stranger then congratulations 7abebty,tet.hanny feeha la hal A


LUNAR. said...

:D + :S
This Is Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Too Much ,

Being "i can't keep my head up and my eyes open"-sleepy is really reaaaaaaally a headache , u just cant "drop-dead" sleep nor stay awake , i have been there , a LOT :S

شكله الدكتور هاذ مش مصلي عالنبي , المرة الجاي احكيله : والدتك شو اخبارها هالايام؟؟

الله يعينك ويمشي هالنيلة على خير

Rain said...

LOL tb what did you do about it bil a5eer?coz wad3y kteer sa3eb!:(

and yeah shekly bedy ashell amalo en sha allah ta3ala!!!
bs don't worry sar y5af minny LOOOL

6abaZa said...

this is like a very happy ending of a breath catching movie
i'm extremely happy u did this to him
i wish i could see the look on his face

EvaLuna said...

I am an extremist judgmental person and I tell you: women are divided in two groups: Cheap , and precious .

Just see the fear in his look when he looks at you , and the feeling of ease when he is being academically ''nice'' to your colleagues and you will know exactly what I mean .

Next time you should just tell him : Be sharaf o5tak?

Rain said...

samsoom,i'm happy that you're happy lol
you should come to one of his classes and see the mas5arah lol

i don't think there will be a next time,wella enshallah bedy ashell amalo iza lisa mfakker ino fi next time!