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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This is a list of my favorite smells(not in order)

I always say there should be a camera for smells,fortunatly I have a good nose and unlike other things I can remember smells perfectly

List to be updated:

1- green apple,that's why i always buy shampoo that's green apple scented and sleep with my hair wrapping my face..I adore it!

2-newly printed books and magazines,people freak out cause I always randomly stop to sniff a book or a mag,it's really crazy but it brings back memories of school I guess..it just has roots in my life.

3-the smell of the beginning of the winter,perhaps I can describe this one,it is like wet soil and wet leaves combined togather,it blows with the wind really early in the morning..it's perfect.

4-the smell of Ramadan,that i can not describe!and I think it differs from a person to another,to me it is a combination of everything I love about this annual magic called Ramadan,including the smell of my mom's cooking,bakhour,dates,qatayef,automn,and so many things!

5-the smell of my late grandpa's house,may he rest in peace..it smelled CLEAN!like it has been washed over and over again with soap!and also it smells like old wood that has been cleaned too,and a plant called "Ree7an" which my grandpa loved..everytime i put on a sweater that has just been washed i remember him,god have mercy on his good soul.

6-the smell of rain,snow and cold wind,which are things that are pure and flawless,and when they come you can't deny their dominant smell,it's so pure and amazing that it brings tears to my eyes!

7-today i smelled this last favorite smell of mine in the buss,I don't know where it came from,I really don't know what to call it,it's the combination of soap,cigarettes and a light kind of a manly perfume,the kind they combine at stores,it's warm,deep and savage,it makes my heart shiver!


Dr.Mohammed said...

"....the beginning of the winter...." is definitely one of my favorite smells

for no. 7??? this is bad smell, right?! :S

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

niiiice wallah :)
I like the smell of grass (+ the sound) when a cool breeze "hits" it :)

Rain said...

dr. muhammad,you've been here before right?i think u called my roses lollipops LOL
no. 7 is one of my bestests ^_^

Rain said...

Haitham,ya ahlan!:D
i love the smell of grass too,as for sounds...well that's the next post in the blog enshallah!;)

Dr.Mohammed said...

no, its my first visit, i liked your blog though...following your for sure.

but what the deal with "roses " and "lollipops" ?!!

Rain said...

embala,i remember you cause you were the first one to leave a comment in it lol

hehe,you were funny,thnx for stappong by,and even though it would be diffcult for my primitive techniacal abilities but i will try to follow yours too lol

Dr.Mohammed said...

Oops! you're right! I've been here before!! and i remember that post! lol!!

I think i comment there but i forget to superscribe, so i forget about your blog completely!!

anyway! i am here again!!!

Rain said...

tb ahlan w sahlan,efresh el jnaby w 5od ra7tk,consider urself home ;D