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Sunday, July 25, 2010

i love my sisters so much but sometimes i feel life didn't give us the chance to learn about it enough
ok,so this morning i woke up thinking about it(not having any clue why all of this is hapenning right now!)

it doesn't seem so big and important now but i'm really confused

we always had that bond,i mean we would stick to each other no matter what,even if we were fighting it would be understood that we're on the same team,but last night was BAD..i mean really baddddddd

words have been put in my mouth!!i mean god,me out of all people??!!

i'm really disappointed and the problem is i feel matters of the family shouldn't be discussed with anyone outside the family that's why i can't find anyone to consult

i hope it was a mistake...i hope things would calm down

ramadan is coming..that's good.


Um Omar said...

الله يخليكو ل بعض يارب

Rain said...

allah yes3edek ya rab! <3