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Thursday, July 1, 2010

so the wedding is over
the wedding lunch invitation is over
the worst has passed,it's been really really horrible for some time..but now we can get back to our normal life and stop that constant chaos and noise we were living in..
as i was changing after we got back from the wedding,i took a look at my dress on the bed,lying there pointlessly
i was thinking about the past three hours,and how my family has been planning for them for the past 5 months,and how i went through so much trouble in choosing y dress,my sandals,my accessories,my make up,and my hair due!!this is what i went through for only being the sister of the groom,what about the bride then?
no need to go talking about what my parents went through of course
and my question was:why??..i mean what's the point??
the wedding turned out to be three hours of pure....NORMAL!... pretty normal,almost exactly like any other wedding only even more boring and cheesy lol
but my point is what matters is the life they will be spending together,i just wish they've put attention and hard work in choosing each other like they did with choosing the color of the invitation cards
i can never imagine myself going through all of this,if i ever get married i don't want a wedding!
PS too bad this song has become just cheesy


6abaZa said...

ya i really hate weddings
because of the amount of thinking people spend on it

Rain said...

do u know understand what i meant with that short story i wrote a while ago?

6abaZa said...

mmm..i really had understood it a while after u explained it..it just took a little while to sink into my brain..thanks though

Rain said...

wak msh azdy ya nunu

i meant understand=yatafahham msh understand=yafham
i meant to ask you,did u understand what i meant by writing it?did u get why i wrote it?

i know u did
5ls oskot