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Monday, July 5, 2010

i've never ever had a worse semester in my life,i've no idea what to do,i feel like i'm gonna fail both classes!
first i've linguistics at 9 am(which i have to wake up really early to catch and i haven't done that in about 3 semesters!),the professor as i imagine used to be constantly hit and abused by his mother who ate childrien for dinner everyday...i know you probably think i'm one of those students who blame everything on the teacher,but i swear to god this one is just evil!
in the three years i've studied at JU not once i was asked to leave the class,this semester i was KICKED out twice because he felt like doing it,until now i'm just wondering what did i do or what did he imagine i did in both times...and despite all of that,if he had a principle..if he was JUST LIKE THAT i would respect it and say he's just a grumpy old guy..allah y3eeno 3a 7alo..but the problem is it differs according to his mood mashallah!!and pretty girls find the perfect timing with the good mood...notice i am not mentioning his method of teaching..which is just beyond description...it was really supposed to be a fun class,i don't know what's happening and i'm so frustrated i can't even read in its book..

4 hours break(slowly killing my soul)

and then i have a class of tourisim in spanish..the teacher is actually the brother of the head of our department who is a great teacher,respectful man,intellegent and has great carisma..that's why i think this brother of him was switched at the hospital when born or something
let alone that his spanish is a little bit better than my chinese..and let alone that that is WHEN he decides to interrupt this class of arabic we're taking with some spanish AAAAND let alone that i do not understand a word when he's speaking ARABIC...that's all fine..i have had bad teachers before....or let's assume i'm just stupid..
but to be that disrespectful...that shameless..that sassy..that rude!!!!
to keep calling every girl in the class:pretty,beautiful,habibati!!!!
to touch girls as if you don't know it's not convenient,to pritend you're just patting their shoulders or innocently messing with their hair!!OH MY GOD you are such a pervert!
to try to pritend it's just something you picked up from living in Europe is just not working pal!
OH GOD OH GOD i hate this semester!!!!:((((
i don't know what to dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

The good comforting fact is: it will paaaaaass :)

"not much help, I know!"


LUNAR. said...

قديش عمره الدكتور هاذ اللي بعلّم اسباني؟؟

something he caught from Europe ah :D

والله اشي بضحّك جد
عالعموم , هانت رين , على قولة امي
اللي بنقص بخلص ان شاء الله

Rain said...

hi hisham!
welcome to my blog :D
min wain l2et.ha lol

actually,i'm thinking about dropping tourism because today he tried to treat me like the rest of the "girls" in class
i'm done with this!!

ahlan feek,plz keep visiting ^_^

Rain said...

hi Lunaaaaaar :D...bejelo 40-45 saneh hal mal3oon el waldain!!

yroo7 allah la ysam7o,wallah mana 3arfeh ya sdeeqy 5affan 3agly,ja3bali asqet.ha

6abaZa said...

Jad pervert inside...be3een allah
el 7ilo bel saifi enno 3assaree3 be5las so enshallah bet5eff el mo3anah
keep ur eyes on the prize...el 3o6leh

Rain said...

samsoom stanna there's more to come
tabe3oona fel 7alqah el qademah min mo'3amrat fat7eiiah wal wa7sh
azdy Rain wal doktor el mon7aref :)

LUNAR. said...

اذا حسيتي انه راح يضايقك بعد ما بهدلتيه بالعقل

هو في حدا غيره بعطيها المادة؟

Rain said...

nope,aslan ya doob jabooh hal nadweh
i dunno i'm gonna wait till after the med term and i'm gonna see

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

مين هشام! :]]]

مبروك فوز إسبانيا ، يا ربّ ينغلبوا بالنهائي :$

Rain said...

aww!!!i'm so sorry!!!i can be 7ola sometimes 3n jd!!!!
tsharrafna HAITHAM!!

ibn 5alty ismo haitham :)
yeslamo 3al comments w allah ybarek b 3omrak ya rb!