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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I was asked to write an entry describing how Ii feel about Ramadan
I couldn't help but smile remembering this request in the dressing room when I heard them announcing that Ramadan is tomorrow,I was buying new clothes for Eid,and it was funny that this year I did and felt all the things I used to do and feel as a kid when Ramadan was to come.
I enjoyed shopping like a kid!I was a good girl all the time,I even waited at the window for Ramadan to come like I used to do because I was so convinced that Ramadan is a man who lives in the moon when it's in the shape of a banana and who visits us at home!
I so deeply felt Ramadan..even smelled it!and it's not just about memories,it's a season of pure worship,I'm so happy and honored with it because it makes me feel like I'm a good person..like I'm a strong one who's capable of leaving everything she loves for that period of time just because she loves her god.
It makes me feel the love of GOD..and that is the spirit of Ramadan for me,it's about my relationship with god as much as it's about the magical atmosphere it brings.
This year is different,I feel lonely...I'm not sad..just lonely,that's why I'm so happy that it almost brings tears to my eyes that Ramadan has finally come,it is still-somehow- in my mind, a man living in the moon and visiting me once a year,keeping me company :)

Upon the request of the tagger Ecosan I am to tag three people
I'm choosing Um Omar,Haitham and Foof,yalla sha3bero..


ΣcoŞan said...

great words ..
Ramadan as i see it, bring to us - in different forms - joy and comfort .. :happy:
congrats on ur new cloths ..
and koll 3am o ente b 5air ..
may Allah bless u with more comfort and happiness ..
o nshallah bte6la3e mn hal rama6'an b ra9eed ha2el mn el 7asanat .. ;)

btw, wain el tag ta3ik? :k:
ma 3ala asas ettafagna te3malo tag la at least 3 of ur friends to write in this topic! :waiting:

Rain said...

aw!yeslamo,thanks alot!w enshallah e7na w ento ya rab!! <3
yeeeeee nsee,hl2 b3mel :rgs:

Um Omar said...

بكررررررررررررهك :k:

وكي مش عملتلك تاج من فتره وكسفتيني :6:

بس انا أكرم وألطف وألز وأحلى وأسعد وأحمد وسعيد منك
ورح اعمله :sm:

Rain said...

7bebty um 3omar!!!!
wallahy eny 3melto yoomha haiio shoofy:

bs bardo enty 3n jd akram w altaf w a7la w alazz <3<3<3
shokran! :D

Um Omar said...

ميشن أكومبليش :D