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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Long story short..
I was going down the stairs when i suddenly slipped and fell and hit my back with the edge of the satire..
as i was falling i remember the only thought in my head was "please god make it easy"..
it was not easy...as soon as i was on the floor below i was paralyzed for several seconds,and i could not gasp for air...all i was thinking this time was "please god don't make me live handicapped!"
i was so scared that i started saying the "shahada" because i didn't think I'll be able to breath again...but i did...and as soon as i took a breath i was in a completely new state of mind....i was completely shocked that that happened,completely horrified and shaken
there was a really big bump in my back but i was able to get up and walk and say"thank you god!"i had to go to the doctor to make sure everything is OK,he gave me a shot of pain killer and told me to come back if the bump dose not disappear.
this time it was a different thought,i was thinking about how i became so annoyed about my skin not being completely clear lately and whining to my mother about it all the time...i was feeling stupid for not appreciating being healthy and clear of diseases..i'm not trying to make a big deal out of what happened..i mean i hope it's nothing but i was really terrified.
dear God,i promise i will not complain anymore!!never ever again!


أشرف محيي الدين said...

all of us behave in the same direction of complaining when we are healthy and out of diseases , but after the threats of unexpected accidents we figure out that we were ungrateful for our previous unsatisfied status .

الحمدلله على السلامه وتمنياتي لك بالشفاء العاجل من تلك الكدمه التي أصابت ظهرك

have a wonderful day :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

Salamaaaaaat! ma 3aliky ba2s enshaAllah.
We do take a lot of things for granted, we r "weak!"
How much would any1 trade their eyes for? 10 Billion! 6b a finger,, we have 10 fa y not sell one for like 100 million!

Thank God for the life he gave us, in all its aspects.

أعطانا أعمارنا و شق أسماعنا و أبصارنا و أجرى أنفاسنا و حرك نبض قلوبنا
فله الحمد و له الشكر دوما ً و أبدا

سلامات مرة ثانية

sfo said...

حمد لله عالسلامة
وإن شاء الله ما بتمرّي بهالتجربة مرّة ثانية

أنا مجربها مرتين
مرّة ظربة قوية على ظهري
والثانية وقعت عراسي غز

إللي بتذكره
الألم بس

Rain said...

اشرف،دايماً بحسك بتقول حكمة اليوم هيهي
بس بتصوغها بطريقة حلوة،شكراً الك و الله يسلمك

Rain said...

هيثم،اه والله فعلا ما اضعفنا يعني كلها وقعة عالدرج بس الانسان بخاف عحياتو لأنو متكبر و مش متخيل انو رح يموت بيوم من الايام!
الله يسلمك شكرا

Rain said...

سفو الله يسلمك...و سلامتك انت كمان..انشالله هلأ كلشي تمام؟

6abaZa said...

له له له..الف لا بأس عليكي

الانسان دايماً بيتفاجأ لما يحس قديش هو ضعيف قدام رب العالمين

الله يهونها عليكي

Rain said...

ah wallah! :(
i usually attract all kinds of cuts,wounds,burns and falls..but this time it was EXTRA painful :'(
made me more careful and more aware of how much i'm blessed with my health:)
thank you samsoom,ysallem 3omrak ya rab!

Finalway said...

Good God Lord ..
l7amdellah 3ala el salamah
I knew exactly what you are talking about ..
I had such a bump like it years a go , and it was horrible and pain full
And I feel how horrible not able to take a breath ,
Thank God that you haven't broke any bone,,

Rain said...

allah ysalmak Jehad ^_^
el 7mdellah 3a slamtk enta kman,enshallah ejat 3a 5air?wallah el wa23a 3al dahr bil zat mo sahleh :S