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Friday, August 13, 2010

I was going through the drafts in my email this morning,and god!you can find things from "forever" ago there!! I found this story that I wrote couple of years ago for a contest,and I though it might be worthy of posting here,although I think it's missing a lot of important elements and seriously needs to be rewritten.. But anyway,here,enjoy.....hopefully! :P

I never knew where she came from...I don't even remember when or why she started appearing at my window!
I think though, I started noticing her shortly after my wife left me and my daughter left to college.

At first, I just said good morning every day,not paying attention to that secret joy I felt for having someone waiting for me there.

weeks passed, and our relationship developed to take a strange path...I’d stare in her eyes for hours for no reason, and she'd just set there staring back and falling asleep every once in a while...
and it was really something! sitting with her gave me the ability to think in ways I’ve never thought in before,I even started wondering "could a soul be caged in that little body?! Behind those sharp blue eyes"...i could feel she was listening,and thinking...and understanding! She was my friend...No not my friend...my companion!

One day, she wasn't there, so I decided not to go to work and wait for her.
I waited,and waited....and my legs fell a sleep setting there all day long.
For two weeks she didn't appear, until one morning I heard her scratching the window glass with her tiny claws.
She was back, she had a nasty scar on her face but I didn't care,I was just happy she was there again.
I never figured out why I never thought of taking her to a vet!
maybe cause I liked her the way she was,with all her dirt and weird smell and nasty scars, she was wild, and that was that.

e started meeting again everyday at the window, she started "telling" me things I never knew, like how we all eat garbage like she does, we just don't know it.
and that if you're smart enough, you could become invisible and watch the world silently around you, and find out how foolish people are, and what a sad excuse it is for a world! we had so much fun talking, or just listening to the wind and crying.
It was a Sunday afternoon I
was holding my grocery and heading home, quietly humming a song about death, when I saw her at the other side of the street.. I smiled, and her eyes were brightening, suddenly, she jumped down to the street, and started crossing it running, not noticing that fast car coming out of nowhere. she didn't see it, I didn't scream, I didn't think, I didn't drop the grocery on the ground and run to her and hold her in my arms like they do in movies.
I just stood there watching her being torn to pieces, and her blood coloring the gray ground with sweet red.
I just... I turned around and headed home. and just like that, I was lonely again.

12th November 2008, 08:16:17 AM


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

I hate cats <==== keef!? jawab momtaz lal post , lol

bas nice to find oldish stuff out of the blue zay haika, sa7 :)

3afekra , I`m not getting new posts from u! U changed the feed of yr blog, sa7?

I guess that`s y u didn`t get any E-mails from me (I sent u 2 regarding the Ramadan tag o haik)

I`m going to readd yr blog, hope it works.


Rain said...

awlan how can you hate abdel haleem w kman cats!!!!msh m32ool lol!
yes jd nice,I'd completely forgotten about this one! :)
and yes i changed the address,but i told you that in a comment in your blog,don't you read your comments?0_O
re-add it plz it's like this now:
thanks for caring to follow!!:)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

i read comments, Eh! "I`m hurt" , lol
I added it wallahy, bas shklo ma zaba6 awwal marrah!

3abdel7aleed = cats btw :Pp (6)

Rain said...

looooool no don't get hurt 3adi we all miss a comment every once in a while :D

keef y3ny 3bdel 7aleem=cats?
this had better have a good explaination! (smiley 7amel el ganweh)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

ma dam wassalat lal ganweh , 5alas ,, 3ammo 3abed momtaz o sha7roor o bejannin (howweh bejannin fe3lan b 7alti!) (6)

(smiley mrakkeb 3ajalat o ya fakeek) :D


Rain said...

5ls you're off the hawk for being so funny :D