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Monday, August 30, 2010

One thing I hate so much about summer(which I already said many times how much I hate it)is sun-burns.
I've always been really vulnerable to sun light,I burn really easily,and by the end of May I always develop what we call in Arabic "the gypsy line",which is a line separating the areas of the skin that haven't been burned from the ones that have...no need to say it is ugly!

I usually don't complain much about it though,but lately I've started my skin treatment-exactly one month ago- and the medications I'm currently on make my skin even more vulnerable and weak against the sun,I cannot afford ruining all the hard work(and it's really expensive btw),anyway,our vacation will soon come to an end,and back to uni...I will be constantly exposed to the sun again.
I was telling my dad about it today when he simply said "why don't you hold un umbrella!"..my first super automatic immediate answer was "NOOOO!"
Oh dad,have you forgotten how people in Jordan are like?!they wouldn't just mock me,they would stare,point,laugh,whisper,and even ask me to give it up.

I don't wanna lie and say I don't care about what people think because I do sometimes,and most of all I hate being in the spot light,I hate being stared at it really makes me nervous.

But people will look,and they will giggle,even if they knew deep down that it's a good idea!
The funny thing about this is that an umbrella is called in Arabic "شمسية" or "مظلة"
the first one is derived from the word "shams" which means SUN,and the second is derived from the word "thell" which means SHADE,so there ya go!!

I know all of this sounds lame and not worth it,but it's really causing a psychological crisis for me,cause this is a test for my self confidence and indifference to what people think,but I can't seem to pass it! :(

So now I'm thinking that the only way is the old-fashioned one...hiding in a group,being one of many who are being mocked and laughed at..that always works,at least for me!
I'm spreading the word for everyone to join,how about we all do it and see what happens?how about we share our stories and support each other?

So who's with me?who's in?help me!!please!! T_T


أشرف محيي الدين said...

مرحبا Rain

بكل جدية وبدون مزاح أنا مع فكرة أبيك وأشجعك عليها كثيرا ، ففي الغرب هي ليست فكرة مستهجنة أبدا في استخدام الشمسية للوقاية من أشعة الشمس وصدقيني لربما إذا قمتي بتطبيق تلك الفكرة فقد يتشجع الكثيرون بعدها على تطبيقها وبالتالي يصبح الأمر طبيعيا جدا وغير مستهجن أبدا :)

who knows ? :)

Rain said...

Hey Ashraf!
Yes I know it's a normal thing in OTHER countries,bs enta 3aref ma 7ad saieb el tany b 7alo hoon :(
As a matter of fact Korean students carry umbrellas all the time in the summer,but nobody mocks them simply because they're foreigners! so unfair!!don't u agree?
Anyway,thank you,I really appreciate the support!!!

nissan said...

you're right,,,you will be known inside the university and the areas around it as the "umbrella girl"
it will stick with you even after gradutation,,,you will always be the umbrella girl>still its not a bad nickname and because of your treatment ...its worth trying > there is always a first time for everything

Wafa' said...

So even with a sunscreen you still get sun burn??

And i 100% with your father's idea. People will look and mock anyway, and who knows maybe you will start a new trend?? i guess you will :)

Rain said...

Nissan,ahlan w sahlan!
LOL,those are not exactly the most encouraging words!!but OK!
Thank you,it seems like I'm gonna be alone in this but I will try anyway!

Rain said...

Wafa'...ahlan w sahlan :)
Yep even with sunscreen on,I shouldn't be exposed to sun light for a long time

Thank you also,for the support,I doubt the new trend thing lol but I will do it anyway.

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

here comes the umb girl , here goes the umb girl ... get me? ! lool

bedna alf saneh ta yseer eshi "3ady" zay haik "3ady" 3enna !

l kol 7a yetfalsaf! (tk this cmnt 4 ex. :P)

Rain said...

WOW thnx Haitham!now i'm never gonna do it! :S