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Friday, September 10, 2010

I've never ever been interested in women's gossip,at least I've never been a part of it!
I come from a very very small family,my dad's family lives in Nablus and my mom's lives in a small village near Salt,we rarely ever mix with either,so I've never been invovled the the atmosphere of women living togather and not exactly getting along lol.
Recently and unfortunately I found myself in the middle of such situation,I did not know exactly how to act,but since it directly concearned me I decided I would try it out,yeah what the heck,let's try this cat fights I've always made fun of.
Turned out they're not so much fun,actually they are absolutely disgusting,I've never thought I would act that way in my life!!!
Gossip is something strange,it controls your thoughts(it's all you think and talk about all the time and I'm not exageratting!)
It developes into horrible and embaressing situations,it makes you feel like you're a part of a rotten conspirecy going,and at the same time you're really not quite understading why all of this is happening!!!!0_O
At a point you decide to quit all of this,you even feel guilty even though you know you're right,but the ways of getting what you want are repulsive,and then you find out that there's no going back,and that all that gossip you thought was harmless turned into hatred and fights in your family,and worse than all you've made some enemies :S Everything becomes awkward and no one knows what to do :/
I like the way my dad handled things eventually,I so wanna be like him one day!I wish I could be that objective,fair and pensive before making any crucial steps,I respect him so much for that!
I will never ever get involved in a cat fight ever again,I love my sisters so much but I'm not going to fight that battle with them,nope...no sir!


Finalway said...

على فكرة كل العاءلات عنا نفس الاشي .. وللمصادفة معظم عائلات نابلس هيك...
وفي اخر اكمن سنة القيل والقال خرب البيوت وهلا في تفكك اسري كلام انا لمستوا على مستوى حياتي الشخصية و شفت مشاكل و مؤامرات الها اول وما الها اخر ...

والبعيد احسن الو بريح راسو من هالقصص و الخراريف ..
وكل هاي القصص ابطالها نسوان مع الاسف و رجال راكضين ورا نسوانهم ... مش يسكتوهم لا و بشدوا على ايديهم ...

اشي مقزز فعلا مثل ما قلتي ...

الحكي ما بيجيب زي وجع الراس و الي عندوا كلمة مش كويسة يضبها ...

Rain said...

exactly :)