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Sunday, September 5, 2010

When changes happen..I mean when BIG changes happen,that's when you decide who are the people that you will always want to be there,the main players in your game..

People think-and tell me actually- that I am mean and I lack loyalty because I think that at every twist or crossroad of your life you have to decide whom to take with you and whom to say goodbye to,and leave at the side of the road,it is just the way things work,life goes on and people grow up and start new eras,they change and things around them change along..

But it did not go like that with my bestest childhood friends apperantly!I never thought I'd stay in contact with them all that time,especially after all the huge changes the three of us had throughout the years we've known each other

Our friendship always somehow found its way into staying there and being newer and lovlier than ever..

Even after one of them took the IT stream in tawjihi and the other took the scintefic stream,and I chose the literary stream,and even when we all ended up in 3 different schools,and even after each one went to a different college with a different major,and even when one of us got engaged and married,we still love each other and enjoy our times as if we had spent yesterday's lunch time at school togather!

I hope we'd always stay friends,I know now that some people come into my life to stay...no matter what.


Wafa' said...

InshAllah you and your friends will stick together forever :)

you are cruel, you are realist . It's just we love to stick to people and things when their time in our lives is over. What makes it cruelty is the idea that we don't recognize them by choice if we meet them after that. It's the circle of life, things born and die.

Rain said...

ya ahlan Wafa'a ^_^
I know I am lol,everyone tells me that,but here's my own cruel point of view:
At some point these people will no longer be an important part of your life,so you are going to lose them sooner or later ...instead of suddenly realising that and whining about it and making a big drama out of it,you just let them go slowly,that way noone will get hurt,I just try to be mature enough to forsee what will happen and act on it,maybe it is cruel but these are my rules and this is my game :)
*smiley agwa noo3*

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

I "think" it`s a rational approach.
But not every1 is capabl of doin` this. Some live the "fantacy" of being 4ever 2gether :)

ppl who hold a permnnt place in our lives r rare! No matter what...


Rain said...

they are really rare,I'm lucky! :)