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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why can't we just talk about the things that bother us?
Why can't we grab this someone we're mad at and tell him what's wrong?why do we have to pretend everything's alright all the time?that the problem will disappear by itself! 0_O

I don't get it,it would be so much easier if we could just let it out,but just we don't.

Problems unfortunately do not disappear on their own...actually,do you know what happens to them?they grow inside us into hatred,and by time we become grumpy,stubborn and horrible people who think they're always right...oh wait,we already are!

I'm not a great person and I do not like to lecture people,but this is really what's happenning and people are actually living their lives like this everyday.So no wonder we're a grumpy people as they always say.
I've nothing to say no more...I'm just upset!


الكيل بمكيالين said...

رين حبيبتي:
فشي غلك! ما حدا بيستاهل تتحملي إساءته في قلبك وردي الصاع صاعين لانه الناس هيك بدها.

Rain said...

اهلا كيالة
مش هيك،ما حد غلط بحقي،لو حد يغلط بحقي ما بضل سكاتة بالعكس براجعو بالموضوع لأنو هاد الاشي الصح
بس ما بحب لما يصير موقف او سوء تفاهم بيني و بين حد البني ادم يتجاهلو
يا اخي متدايق راجعني!قاتلني!
المهم لا تخلي المشاكل تتراكم بقلبك لأنو بالنهاية انت اللي بتخسر

و على فكرة و احد من اهم الاسباب ان العائلات في مجتمعنا مفككة انو ما فيها تواصل و صراحة
و اللي ما بينحكى ما بيختفي بقدرة قادر!

Doomish said...

Imagine people talk directly to each other like you wish...

national blood pressure average will decrease
national heart attack rate will decrease
people will be healthier
people will live longer
therefore people will work for more years
which would make the young unemployment rate higher
which in turn would make crime rate go up!
and that is bad
people would be afraid
blood pressure would go up
heart attacks up as well

its just a vicious economical,social cycle.

kidding aside,
i know what your talking about, its just sad that our mentalities lack common sense.

Rain said...

LOOOL t7sheesh Doomish! XD

Um Omar said...

رين حبيتي فشي غلك,, فش حدن مستاهل تتعبي حالك عشانه
هاد تأكيد ع اللي حكته كياله

ومن ناحيتي,,
انسي,, الشخص اللي مابرضاكي كحله بعيونه,, لا ترضيه بعيدن عنك شوز بإجرك

مش بالضروري تواجهيه إلا إزا وصلك حكي كبير
فيه زناخه وبياخه,,
من رأي,, ترك السفيه بقتله اكتر من الطوشه معاه
تجاااااااااااارب كتيره اثبتتلي هالشي

Rain said...

ام عمر
خلص انا قلت اذا الناس مش فارقة معهم خلص مش مشكلة انا كمان مش فارقة معي
ففعلا قولتك

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...


Rain said...