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I long for freedom, and when I get it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will surely be happy.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

NOT in order,here we go..

1-To lay down on grass in spring without anyone starring at me!

2-To try every flavor of icecream on earth!

3-Dance all the time every freakin' where...I have to admit this wish has almost been granted,I've been caught several times red handed...jiggling around,clapping my hands and jumping(embaressing)but I've always wished I could dance whenever I liked to,I lovvvvvvvve dancing,and apperantly that's not very good if you ever wanna live in the great Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan :)

4-To cry out loud,I hate that I have to hold my breath in the very few times I blow up crying,worried that I might disturb this secret agreement that we never talk about in my family.."We Do NOT Cry",we just don't!I've no clue why,but it just grew up in me that I always hold it and shed my tears silently..well you know what?I wish I could SCREAM it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5-OK,this is like really stupid,but I wish I could sit with a bunch of guys in one of these playing cards sessions,I don't wanna know what they're talking about,it's not really a secret what guys are interested in lol,but I just wanna see what it feels like and why is it so much fun for them,I think I'd really enjoy one!

6-I have always,always wished I could be one of the actors who do the voices of the characters of children's cartoons,I absolutely adore cartoons,animations,manga and everything related to these things...and I think I'd be good at doing it,it would be so much fun!

7-I wish that in one of my also very few tantrums I could grab what ever piece of glass I could find and smash it on the floor,I imagine it would be great fun,but I come from a family that believes that the best way to let out your anger is to wash your face 0_O

8-I wish I could go back as a kid only for a couple of days...I'd play with every toy...every game,I'd run all day long,break things,shout in joy and tell the people I hate that I think they suck..:)

9-To spend an entire day eating pop corn while watching my favorite movies one by one.

10-To spend a couple of months on a ship in the sea with the one I love...this is extra stupid I know,but I like it

11-To be a part of the making of a great,great movie...that would be wicked cool!

12-To have a countless number of shoes,all shapes,colors and types of shoes...I love shoes!

List to be updated.


Wafa' said...

9-12 are my on my list to do , too. lol

who care if your dreams come true or not, just have them and enjoy listing them .

but i do really wish that they will come true one day :)

Rain said...

hehe wafa'a I think 12 is on any girl's list!!
I know,sometimes you just have them for fun,right!
and I wish all of your dreams(stupid or not :Pp) would come true,allah ywaf2ek ya rab :)

Saleh said...

Although I didn't like some of them, I wish all your dreams come true.

A couple of months on a ship!!!!! It is fun for few days in calm sea. Unless you are in one of those floating cities (which are not romantic as you may imagine!), things become nasty by time especially during rough seas. Believe me! Adjust it to be "a week or two in a calm bay" that's one of the best experiences I ever had.

Rain said...

ahlan sale7,thanks for the sweet wish :)
Well...please share with us what you did not like and why,I like good criticism.
and,point taken into consideration...definitely!! lol

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

cmntin` on some

#4 bala minha! I know we all hv our mmnts bas hope u get less of #4 ncdnts

#5 bardo balaha ,, it`s merly stupd o u`ll rgrt t , lol

#12 "e7em" typical femal! :P

*hw many lists r thr!? ;)


Rain said...

r u kiddin'?#4 would be SO MUCH FUN?don't you ever enjoy crying?it rocks!!

looooool 7bait el dajj 3ala no.5,heye fe3lan stupid,bs I still want to...ma ely bdeesh he3 :(

e7em! typical male!! LOL

just two lol,the stupid wishes and the serious ones,6aba5t rasak fehom? ;D