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Thursday, September 2, 2010

As always,I'm doing the same mistake of reading two books at once.
The first one is
الرواية المستحيلة"by one of my favorite writers غادة السمان
This book has completely taken me these last couple of days,Ghada Al Samman' style was kind of different than what I'm used to in her other books,but it's a great change,the detailed description of either places,feelings or characters is INCREDIBLE
One thing ir two though..

First,some of the sentences that the writer found they were highlights were printed in bold,I would have liked it much more if I was to choose what the key sentences were!I respect that she was maybe proud of some of them but I am the reader and I get to choose what the highlights are.
Second,I was sad I couldn't really feel what she felt towards Damascus because I've never lived there,I wished I could recognize the places and names she was describing in great enthusiasm.

Th second one is also by one of my favorite writers Isabel Allende,"Paula"...now this book is too sad for me now,it's all about goodbyes,and I don't really need any more goodbyes in the time being! :S
Isabel Allende has this magic in her pen that no other writer can imitate,and it's not just this book,she has a way of making a fairy tale out of everything,reading her books is like living an experience in another world,and not any writer can take you on a trip to Chile,China,America,Austria and a million other places.And this book is no exception.

Two amazing books that I have to stop while reading them every couple of pages to underline the beautiful words that do not leave me without being forced to re-read them many times.
here are some of the quotations I could not pass without a bow to beauty and magic of languages:

اللعنة على الشعراء،كيف يمكن لأحد أن يحبهم و هم مصرّون على أن يفتحوا الجرح قطبةً بعد أخرى"

لست بحاجةٍ إلى عزاء،إنني بحاجةٍ إلى الانفراد بصوت جرحي"

"ما زلت أذكرأسلوبها في تحريك يديها و تمشيط شعرها و مشيتها في ثوبها المنزلي الحريري الطويل عريض الاكمام...كل ذلك بكثير من الرقة المنسابة في نعومة مخملية حين تقدم لي فنجان الشاي المسائي،و يستحيل العبير سراً مغلقاً،و هي نقطة من ضوء مشعة تتحرك بين انحناءات الاقواس و خطوط الشرفات المتقاطعة مع الاعمدة كإيقلع لتلك الموسيقى الملموسة التي تتصاعد من الغبار المضيء لأركان بيتي إلى الأثير و تحوله من غبار الى حلم،و من جدران الى خرافة!"

"إنها الحياة..فرح و حزن على سطح واحد و عليّ أن أتابع المشي"

"كأن قدر أبوب بيوت دمشق أن تكون كالقلوب:لا تنفتح إلا من الداخل"

غادة السمان


"لقد أنقذ ذلك الكتاب حياتي،فالكتابة هي تفحص طويل لأعماق النفس،رحلةٌ إلى أشدّ كهوف الوعي عتمةً،و تأمّل بطيء.إنني أكتب متلمّسةً في الصمت،و أكتشف في أثناء الطريق أجزاء من الحقيقة،نتفاً صغيرة من الزجاج تتسع لها راحة اليد و تبرر مروري في هذه الدنيا"

لأن قواي لم تعد تكفي الا لمرافقتك في مرضك يا باولا،.إنك نائمة منذ شهر،و لست أدري كيف أصل اليكِ،أناديكِ و أناديكِ،و لكن اسمك يضيع في شعاب هذا المستشفى.
إن روحي مخنوقةٌ بالرمل،و الحزن صحراءٌ قاحلة.لا أعرف كيف أصلّي،و لا أتمكن من نسج فكرتين معاً فما بالك بالغرق في ابداع كتابِ آخر...إنني أتقلّب في هذه الصفحات في محاولة لاعقلانية للتغلب على رعبي،و يخطر لي أنني اذا ما أعطيت شكلاً لهذا الخراب فسوف أتمكن من مساعدتك و مساعدة نفسي،و ان ممارسة الكتابة التفصيلية يمكن لها أن تكون خلاصنا.لقد كتبت قبل احدي ععشرة سنة رسالة الى جدي أودّعه و هو يموت،و في هذا الثامن من كانون الثاني 1992 أكتب اليكِ يا باولا لكي أعيدكِ إلى الحياة"
ايزابيل ألليندي


Wafa' said...

you know what ? i just realized that i have not this novel of Ghada, but it will be on my list. i admire her. And i agree with you, let me decide what's important and what's not, don't choose for me, but who knows why did she highlighted those lines. Did she mention anything about it in the forward or the back cover of the book?

As for Isabel Allende, i guess i only read one of her novels, but i am gonna look for this one too.

Thanks for sharing your choices of books dear :) and of course you can call me fofo :)

Rain said...

Nope nothing,sometimes it looks like the quotations of the character are the highlighted ones but then it appears that she's randomly highlighting sentences!
I do not know if it was a coinsidence or if it unconciously affected me but all of the sentences I loved were in bold :/ Either way I did not like that
But still it is a great book and I do recommend it
And by the way even though she is one of my favorite writers,I cannot tolerate with her way of mocking society and religion,it is just too much,she is a feminist and I hate feminists to the bones :S
But I can't help it she's really talented!

Read Daughter of Fortune before Evaluna if you're gonna read them,that's much better,and by the way this book "Paula" is like a biography of her life,she is telling the story of her life to her daughter who has been in a coma for several months,it's incredibly sad!

Sorry for blabbing too long Fofo! :P
And thanks! :D

Doomish said...

Paula has been recommended to me by several friends, but reading your post made me consider delay reading it abit. I'm almost done reading Tim severin viking triology: Odinn's Child, Sworn Brother and King's Man, a very interesting story,especially if you like the norse cultures! I'm gonna start reading Ken Follet's world without end, the sequel to his outstanding book pillars of the earth, Hoping that it is as good as pillars.
Thank you for your post.

Rain said...

hello again doomish :)
why did my post make delay reading it?lol
I've just noticed your blog/website...very interesting!
good luck with that book,you know I never read in english or spanish!perhaps I should start cause I feel like I'm missing out so many things on myself :S
I'm still working on that favorite books post by the way!
thanks for stapping by!

PS why isn't there anthing about you in your website?
ya 3ammy 3al mysterious XD

Doomish said...

You mentioned its sad, and I'm not in the mood for sad stories right now :)
If I learn Spanish REALLY good, the first thing I will do is read one hundred years of solitude by Gabriel Marquez, The English version blew me away, and I always wondered how would it be in the native language.

My Arabic reading is minimal, the last book I read was "abu shala'7 al barma2e" by ghazi qusaibi who passed away in Ramadan RIP
Sorry no Arabic keyboard at the moment

As for my blog, it's almost 2years old BUT I accidentally deleted it, without no backups(can you top my stupidity), so I had to start from scratch, and resurrection is underway

Rain said...

I speak Spanish(not perfectly,but really good) but I think no matter what the language I was reading 100 years of solitude in...this book would still make me throw up every single time i read it(or try to read it)

let's both try something new,I'll read in spanish or english and you more in arabic..yala support group :D
and I'm sorry about ur blog lol,good luck with the reintruction,so far so good just so you know ^_^